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If you love the look of hardwood flooring but your budget can’t cover the cost, laminate is a great alternative.  Advances in technology make this budget friendly option virtually indistinguishable from the real deal. 

Laminate floor is comprised of highly densified wood fibers, engineered to be stronger and resist water better than hardwood.  This flooring option is perfect for high traffic areas, homes with children and pets.

All of laminate products are floating floors which means they have a tongue and groove locking system; no glue or nailing is required.  This type of floor is easy enough for most home owners to install themselves or at a fraction of the cost to have it professional done compared to tile and natural stone. 

It’s tongue and groove interlocking system provide additional benefits also; it leaves the finished floor without and seams or gaps.  This makes cleaning and maintenance very easy.  Be sure to immediately mop up spills, which may cause swelling if left for prolonged periods of time.  For daily care, simply sweep with a soft bristle broom to prevent dirt and sand from scratching.  You may use a damp, almost dry mop for a deep cleaning.  One recommended way to make sure you are not putting too much moisture on your laminate is by using a flat, microfiber mop, such as a Swifter.

Laminate: Our Products
You Don't Have to Sacrifice on Quality or Style!
Specials on 12mm Laminate 
starting at .99 SQ FT!!
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