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All Hardwood
Professional Install with 1 year limited warranty

African Teak 1/2" Sapeli (17.5sqft/bx)

Bootstrap 1/2" 17.5 SQ.FT/BX

Champagne 17.5 Sq.ft/bx 32bx/plt

Colonial Grey 17.72sqft/bx 54bx/plt

Espresso Smooth 1/2" 17.5sqft/bx 70bx/plt

Aspen 24 Sq.Ft/bx

Bootstrap II 17.5 sq.ft

Charlotte 17.5sqft/bx 70/plt

Coral Bay 1/2" 30sqft/bx 50bx/plt

Fallen Leaf 1/2" 34.5sqft/bx 45bx/plt

Barcelona Grey 34.44sqft/bx 48bx/plt

Brown Cane 18.7sqft/bx 32bx/plt

Chestnut 3/8" 26.25 Sq.ft/ctn 63ctn/Plt

Dakota 9/16" 22.82sqft/bx 50bx/plt

Greensboro 1/2" 17.5sqft/bx 70bx/plt

Black Chocolate 9/16" 31Sq/bx

Castlestone 30.28sq.ft/bx 35bx/plt

Coffee 9/16" 17.5sqft/bx 63bx/plt

Dark Chocolate 1/2" 24sqft/bx 54bx/plt

Heritage 9/16" Oak 23sqft

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